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Flash 2D Animation

2D Flash & Hand drawn animation

We offer top class 2d animation and visual effects for a broad spectrum of media platforms like films, TV commercials, internet, product demos, education, medical and legal applications. Our team members are well-versed in both traditional and flash 2D animation.

2D Flash has revolutionized animation and the very best of animation are done on 2D Flash platforms. Cartoons, movies, short films and episodes are finding their way in flash animation and even live actions are coupled easily with flash animations to create an entertaining as well as simplified visual experience.

Our 2d animation services offered in association wtih 3DLabz, Hong Kong is well set with cutting-edge technology to produce world-class animations, especially in areas like-

• Movies
• Webisodes
• TV Commercials
• Online Advertisements
• E-Learning Solutions
• Corporate Presentations
• Games

2D Hand drawn animation is the classical way of making 2d animation where actions are animated through frames, with a sequence of hand drawings on paper sheets or cels (celluloid). The cels (celluloid) are placed over a background, and photographed in sequence through frames. As you run these frames you can see the action coming to life in front of your eyes.

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